The Feedstore Building, located adjacent to and across the Courtyard from the Main Inn Building, features rustic Texas/Southwestern decor and furnishings, and contains three rooms: The Texas, Chisholm, and Hays Rooms -- arranged in a linear configuration facing our Courtyard -- all with private entrances and interior doors between them.

These rooms have multiple beds and are ideal for families and groups. The Hays and Chisholm Rooms have their extra full-size beds in lofts that have a low cieling and are accessed by means of "ladder-style" staircases, making these sleeping areas best-suited for children between six and sixteen, or young adults who are not too tall and sufficiently nimble to climb up and around there!

The Texas Room has all its beds at floor level, and features a fully-furnished kitchen with all the appliances (including a washer/dryer), and a private back patio.

The Feedstore may be rented as a whole for groups and large families at a flat rate, either alone or together with other rooms, suites, or cottages on the Property.

Texas Room


Queen Bed